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Magic House St Louis Children's Museum

516 S. Kirkwood Road Kirkwood, MO 63122 | Kirkwood | 314-822-8900

Location Description:

Nestled in Kirkwood, The Magic House is a preferred destination for children and tourists alike. Over the course of a visit, explorers can navigate multiple floors spanning 55,000 square feet. Some exhibits include music-making bubbles and the Lewis and Clark Adventures. The latter attraction recreates the seminal 1804 journey from St. Louis to the Pacific coast. Actors impersonate Lewis and Clark while patrons learn the journey through mapping the train and spending time inside teepees – just like the famed explorers. The Magic House emphasizes science and history with a colorful, tactile experience that imprints visitors with memories and knowledge.

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Business Description

The Magic House is committed to sharing our resources with all children, especially those who have the fewest opportunities. The Star Society annual fund and the Education Program Fund both provide free field trips, outreach programs and other hands-on learning experiences for children, families and schools in need. As part of the museum’s commitment to provide beauty, wonder, joy and magic for everyone, The Magic House also provides events and programs for special populations including new Americans, military families, seriously ill youth and foster children.