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Tejas Grill and Cantina

44 N. Brentwood Blvd. Clayton-Tamm, MO 63105 | Clayton | 314-862-1414
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    Tejas is a Tex-Mex place in Clayton, and we'll leave it at that: a simple acknowledgement that Clayton Tex-Mex is indeed an oxymoron, at least on paper. Yes, perhaps there's a bit too much...
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    A couple of weekends ago, after a wonderful, belly-busting nouveau-Tex-Mex meal at Tejas, I went home and turned on the TV. There was this show on called Century City (which I think is...
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    There's no shortage of Mexican food in St. Louis, some of it innovative, some of it mediocre, most of it highly Americanized. Here's some recent news on the local scene: · Speaking...