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The Office - Closed

9612 St. Charles Rock Road Overland, MO 63114 | Olivette/ Overland | 314-423-6500

Location Description:

The Office is a bar with an identity crisis. From the outside it almost looks like a house; the lack of prominent windows in the front actually made me briefly second-guess myself when reaching for the doorknob, in fear of stepping into someone's living room. The moniker could be considered confusing by some, but its intended that way: Picture yourself at the bar when your phone rings. It is your significant other, wondering where you are and why you aren't home yet. "Well honey, I'm still at the Office," is your reply, and technically a legitimate one. The Office hosts karaoke nights on Monday, Wednesday, Friday and Saturday, and a horseshoe league out back on Wednesdays. Electronic darts, pool and Silver Strike Bowling offer entertainment for the restless, and the four TVs on the wall display the local sports games. Regardless of its existential hang-ups, the Office is a cozy bar with a charming neighborhood feel and good times to spare.