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The Patch Tavern - Closed

7529 Michigan Ave. St. Louis, MO 63111 | St. Louis - South City | 314-544-3933

Location Description:

A bar's jukebox tells you a lot about its clientele, and so it makes sense that the regulars at the Patch Tavern are listening to '80s synth-pop and rock. They're young, they're jovial and they're having a great time. Folks at this casual Carondelet hotspot will tell you that it's a "south-side bar with south-side prices." The building was erected in the late 1890's - it first housed a Kroger, according to owner Brian Scholtes, and has been a bar since the middle of the last century. With an affordable menu of mouth-watering stuffed burgers, Dogtown pizza and drink specials aplenty, patrons don't need to worry about choking their wallets. A large pet-friendly patio provides space for special events like block party barbecues.