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Thirty-Four Club

34 N. Euclid Ave. St. Louis, MO 63108 | St. Louis - Central West End | 314-367-6674

Location Description:

34 Club looks like a place you might take a mistress or hold a secret meeting with your pals in the CIA, but it's too often packed with regulars to be a sure bet for a clandestine meeting. Most of the bartenders have been there for decades, and they'll want to know your name and that you'll be coming back soon -- as long as you don't cross them or (heaven forbid) "forget" to tip. The 34 Club is a storied relic of the Central West End. It's been open since 1941 and survived both the heyday of Gaslight Square, the urban decay of the '70's, and it's currently thrilling to the continued revitalization of the neighborhood. An unimaginable number of big-name greats once sat in the dim and smoky atmosphere, including Lenny Bruce, Miles Davis, Barbra Streisand and the Beats who got their start in Gaslight Square.

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