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Washington University-Brown Hall

Forsyth & Skinker blvds University City, MO 63130 | University City | 314-935-5000
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    You already celebrate Italy's delish culinary offerings -- life just wouldn't be the same without our three-times-a-week pizza habit, and prosciutto, and parmesan, and Prosecco, we could go...
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    When most Americans think of Africa, images of the Serengeti, starving children and minimalist living often come to mind. In actuality, Africa is made up of approximately 54 sovereign...
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    Having the opportunity, nay, luxury, to fully immerse yourself in another culture is not something that happens for everyone, or probably even most people. It takes time, money and guts to...
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    Washington University presents the Italian Film Festival St. Louis, a rare opportunity to screen award-winning contemporary Italian films for free, including Immaturi, Into Paradiso, Scialla...