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  • Inglourious Basterds
    Released: Friday, August 21, 2009
    "Inglourious Basterds" begins in German-occupied France, where Shosanna Dreyfus witnesses the execution of her family at the hand of Nazi Colonel Hans Landa. Shosanna narrowly escapes and flees...
  • Five Minutes of Heaven
    Released: Friday, August 21, 2009
    The idea of reconciliation between two men from opposite sides of a life-and-death struggle is perhaps impossible or even incredibly naïve. Five Minutes of Heaven, a film that tracks the lives of...
  • World's Greatest Dad
    Multiple Release Dates
    "World's Greatest Dad" is a story about a man that learns the things you want most may not be the things that make you happy and that being lonely is not necessarily the same as being alone....
  • Art & Copy
    Multiple Release Dates
    "Art & Copy" is a powerful film about advertising and inspiration It reveals the work and wisdom of some of the most influential advertising creatives of our time -- people who've profoundly...
  • Shorts
    Released: Friday, August 21, 2009
    "Shorts" is set in the suburb of Black Falls, where all the houses look the same and everyone works for BLACK BOX Unlimited Worldwide Industries Incorporated, whose Mr. Black's BLACK BOX is the...
  • My One and Only
    Multiple Release Dates
    Beautiful, mercurial Ann Devereaux has just left her philandering husband Dan, a society bandleader, and taken to the road with her teenage sons, George and Robbie, in search of a suitable new...
  • Fifty Dead Men Walking
    Released: Friday, August 21, 2009
    Set in Belfast in 1980 where the Irish Republican Army is waging an all-out insurgent war against the British occupation, Martin McGartland is a young small-time Belfast hustler recruited by a...
  • District 9
    Released: Friday, August 14, 2009
    More than 20 years ago, aliens made first contact with Earth. Humans waited for the hostile attack, or the giant advances in technology. Neither came. Instead, the aliens were refugees, the last...
  • The Goods: Live Hard, Sell Hard
    Released: Friday, August 14, 2009
    Who is Don Ready? Salesman? Lover? Song Stylist? Semi-professional dolphin trainer? Ready is all of the above--except for a dolphin trainer. When he's asked to help save an ailing local car...
  • Bandslam
    Released: Friday, August 14, 2009
    When gifted singer-songwriter Charlotte Banks asks new kid in town Will Burton to manage her fledgling rock band, she appears to have just one goal in mind: go head-to-head against her...
  • It Might Get Loud
    Released: Friday, August 14, 2009
    Rarely can a film penetrate the glamorous surface of rock legends. It Might Get Loud tells the personal stories, in their own words, of three generations of electric guitar virtuosos--The Edge...
  • Spread
    Released: Friday, August 14, 2009
    Nikki isn't a gigolo. He's a sexual grifter, a fun-loving, freeloading hipster who understands his greatest assets are his looks and sexual prowess, which he uses to charm his way into the...
  • The Time Traveler's Wife
    Released: Friday, August 14, 2009
    Clare has been in love with Henry her entire life. She believes they are destined to be together, even though she never knows when they will be separated: Henry is a time traveler--cursed with a...
  • Ponyo (Gake no ue no Ponyo)
    Released: Friday, August 14, 2009
    "Ponyo" is a story inspired by Hans Christian Andersen's fairy tale "The Little Mermaid" in which a young and overeager goldfish named Ponyo seeks to become human.
  • Grace
    Released: Friday, August 14, 2009
    The story of Madeline Matheson, an ordinary woman faced with the most tragic of loses.
  • G.I. Joe: The Rise of Cobra
    Released: Friday, August 07, 2009
    From the Egyptian desert to deep below the polar ice caps, the elite G.I. Joe team uses the latest in next-generation spy and military equipment to fight the corrupt arms dealer Destro and the...
  • Julie & Julia
    Released: Friday, August 07, 2009
    Based on two true stories, "Julie & Julia" intertwines the lives of two women who, though separated by time and space, are both at loose ends until they discover that with the right combination...
  • A Perfect Getaway
    Released: Friday, August 07, 2009
    Cliff and Cydney are an adventurous young couple celebrating their honeymoon by backpacking to one of the most beautiful, and remote, beaches in Hawaii. Hiking the wild, secluded trails, they...
  • Cold Souls
    Released: Friday, August 07, 2009
    In response to shiny, bigger, better American consumerism comes "Cold Souls," a metaphysical tragicomedy in which souls can be extracted and traded as commodities. Balancing on a tightrope...
  • (500) Days of Summer
    Released: Friday, August 07, 2009
    Boy meets girl. Boy falls in love. Girl doesn't. This post modern love story is never what we expect it to be--it's thorny yet exhilarating, funny and sad, a twisted journey of highs and lows...
  • Paper Heart
    Multiple Release Dates
    Charlyne Yi does not believe in love. Or so she says. Well, at the very least, she doesn't believe in fairy-tale love or the Hollywood mythology of love, and her own experiences have turned her...
  • Outrage (2009-I)
    Released: Saturday, August 01, 2009
    An indictment of the hypocrisy of closeted politicians who actively campaign against the LGBT community. Here, the hidden lives of some of our nation's most powerful policymakers are revealed and...
  • Aliens in the Attic
    Released: Friday, July 31, 2009
    Kids on a family vacation must fight off an attack by knee-high alien invaders with world-destroying ambitions. At the same time, the youngsters work hard to keep their parents in the dark about...
  • Funny People
    Released: Friday, July 31, 2009
    George Simmons is a famous stand-up comedian, who learns that he has a terminal illness and less than a year to live. When, he meets Ira, a struggling comedian at a comedy club where both the...
  • The Cove
    Released: Friday, July 31, 2009
    In the 1960's, Richard O'Barry was the world's leading authority on dolphin training, working on the set of the popular television program Flipper. Day in and day out, O'Barry kept the dolphins...
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