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RFT Music Hands Over Reins to Notorious Drunk Lunatic

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As you may have noticed from his sign-off post on Friday, Mr. Kiernan Maletsky has officially taken his leave from the Riverfront Times and is soon to be at the helm of the music section of our sister paper the Dallas Observer. Maletsky hired me and notoriously gives me too much credit, but it got me a full-time job, so I suppose I'm OK with it. He is right when he says I know a lot about St. Louis and its music, though -- I even got the radio stations memorized. Good. To. Go.

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Truth be told, though, I'm still pinching myself. I'm pretty sure global warming is the only reason Hell hasn't officially frozen over yet -- we need more ice.

A little bit about your new music editor: I have lived in the St. Louis area all my life and have played in bands around town for the last fifteen years, touring and releasing records throughout that time. I won't name those bands (in fact, you'll never hear about my bands in this section) so as not to journalistic-integrity-minefield myself, but I mention it because I like to think that it is a good thing that RFT Music is now ran by one of St. Louis music's own. I already have an understanding about what it is to play music in this city and have probably had similar experiences to many that we will be reporting on. I know a lot of the local bands and players, and in my capacity as clubs editor over the last ten months I've gotten to know many of the behind-the-scenes folks who work hard to bring great shows to our town's local venues. The double-edged-sword effect comes with the fact that many of these people also know me now, and therefore one needn't travel far to hear an outrageous tale of my drunken indiscretions. But really, I'm OK with that, too.

For example, most of my recognition with this paper comes from a (drunken) review I cowrote about Justin Bieber's most recent stop in town -- it is the single most oft-mentioned remark I hear when introducing myself as an RFT employee to strangers. "O,h yeah, you did that Bieber review!" This is a strange thing to have notoriety for, especially as music editor for a paper, so please allow me to assure you that my love of music does in fact extend beyond the Radio Disney set. I consider myself musically omnivorous, but it is worth noting that my favorite song for as long as I can remember has always been Scott Joplin's "The Entertainer" -- even before I was aware of the St. Louis connection. "Dyed in the wool," as they say.

Enough about me; I need to hear from you. I mentioned before that Kiernan gives me too much credit and that is mostly in response to his remark that I "know more about St. Louis and its music than he ever would have." That's only kind of true. While I do have the advantage of being a native, a consideration to be made is the fact that St. Louis music has been my after-hours playground for so long that it will take some shifting of gears for me to begin approaching it 100 percent effectively in a professional capacity. For example, I recognize so many faces for whom I cannot attach names, due to the fifteen drunken years of fucking around I've done. I need to remember names now. I want to know your name, and all about your music/band/club/promotional company/recording studio/record label/etc.

I'm going to make it a point to be everywhere in the upcoming months; please don't hesitate to come say hi. There's some pictures of me on my Facebook and Twitter accounts for reference. While you are social media-ing, you should probably become e-friends with RFT Music's Facebook and Twitter as well, if you are not already -- I'll be running those now too. Finally, my e-mail address is daniel DOT hill AT riverfronttimes DOT com.

I look forward to meeting even more people in St. Louis than I already know and to actually remembering the names of those people as well. I am excited, obviously, to be able to serve that which has been my life-long passion in this capacity. Drunken lunacy has always worked well for me in this town, and don't worry, I am not one to mess with success -- this afternoon's Stag is for you, St. Louis.

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