Hot, sticky days beg for refreshing drinks, but it's difficult to find that perfect sipper. Soda-based cocktails are far too syrupy to be of any assistance, and red wines warm us up from the inside out, which is only helpful for frying eggs on our stomachs. Beer, if it's in one of those aluminum bottle contraptions, stays cool enough, we suppose, but after a while it just starts to taste like our pouring sweat (all the beer-drinking softball players out there know what we're talking about). So what are we left with? Aside from icy mint juleps — and who has the time to crush all of that ice? — white wine is our simplest, most refreshing option for summertime sipping. All we need is a corkscrew, a glass and a little direction on what whites to buy. That's where sommelier Scott Gaghan... More >>>