Nobody was surprised when Von Nebbitt — a.k.a. Kevin Cox, a.k.a. Anthony Davis, a.k.a. Cedric Davis, a.k.a. Warren Meriweather, a.k.a. Jevon Teycial — pleaded guilty as a "prior and persistent offender" to his ninth criminal charge, possession of heroin. The judicial system knew Nebbitt mainly as Kevin Cox and had pieced together a record spanning grand theft, grand auto theft and all the "possession" arrests police make when they think somebody's dealing but they can't nail a transaction. "Cox" had also racked up a ludicrous number of traffic violations while squealing away from police cars. And 27 additional arrests (including murder, kidnapping, assault and arson) had never made it to the warrant stage. Could've been insufficient evidence, could've been groundless, a legal form of harassment that lets police pick up their prey and fly around a bit... More >>>