Not since the heady days of the mid to late-'80s has the concept of Boy Pop Group (TM and © Maurice Starr) been so prevalent. Recognizing that the Spice Girls were just not banal enough, producers and talent managers on both sides of the Atlantic scoured street corners and orphanages, purchasing the finest-looking and most disease-free urchins in record numbers, then spent days training them to dance, pout, dress and, in some cases, sing. Extra time was spent breaking them of the habit of propositioning older businessmen. Millions of dollars were flushed down the bottomless toilet of PR, and the next thing you know, prepubescent girls who just days earlier had been fantasizing about marrying Ken in their Barbie Dream Houses were now entertaining strange, tingly thoughts about some well-coiffed and probably gelded Boy Pop Star, who just weeks earlier was also fantasizing about marrying Ken in his... More >>>