Tim Rose's middle name might as well be Danger. While in Kiev, working as the creative director for an ad agency, the songwriter of Sun Sawed in 1/2 was "in my apartment playing the rhythm tracks for a friend of mine at work, and all of a sudden the doorbell rang. Being naive, I opened up the door, and it was militia." He takes a breath, recalling what could have been his last. "Only it wasn't really the militia," he continues. "They were Mafia guys in fake uniforms. They came into the apartment and demanded money, put guns to our heads, big knives to our stomachs. They made us sit on the bed and kept us there for an hour. Then, at the end, they screwed silencers onto the guns, turned off all the lights and cut the phone cord. They acted like they we going to shoot us." Rose pauses at... More >>>