Up the rutted cinder track that winds by the deserted chemical plant, a deer forages among piles of concrete debris. Once this place teemed with industry; the smokestacks belched and the tipples roared. But it has been more than 20 years since the freight trains and the barges stopped here. In their absence, the dark hulks of abandoned storage tanks still stand in stark relief against the sky, vestiges of another time. It would be wrong, though, to assume that the former National Lead property has been forgotten.On the contrary, the site is now in the thoughts and prayers of hundreds, if not thousands, of residents of South St. Louis County, including more than 120 School Sisters of Notre Dame who live next door to the abandoned property. The focus of their concern is a plan that calls for a casino to be built on 30 acres at the south end of the 80-acre tract. It worries... More >>>