Everybody's a princess at one point or another. Rich girls work it from birth to final crackup. Bourgeois girls play the precious 'n' misunderstood game through adolescence, shifting it into ruthless ambition shortly thereafter. Poor girls can blow an entire lifetime just screwing up their hair and pretending they're Galadriel. As for boys (whose princely maladies have been covered sublimely in the cinema this season), the princess bug can strike at any age, provoking anything from satin thongs to Palm Springs residency to music-industry mogulhood. Ultimately, no one is immune. Common symptoms also include painfully acute emotional sensitivity, a passion for unicorns and paralyzing shock at the discovery that pugnacity -- not poetry -- rules our consensus reality. Trapped in a realm of overwhelming patriarchal oppression -- extending from various "holy lands" to industrial centers to suburban high schools -- what's a dreamy... More >>>