The weekly "Radar Station" column is intended to be a sort of catchall for St. Louis music news, and we here in the bunker do our best to balance the news-type information with record-release bits, music criticism and opinionated drivel. Occasionally, though, we get slugged with the realization that we've been covering one aspect at the expense of another and haven't devoted as much space to recent St. Louis releases as we'd like. So, in an attempt to rectify this, a remedy: Once a month, from here on out, we'll be devoting the entirety of the "Radar" space to St. Louis new releases, helping get the word out on recent and upcoming sounds, critically assessing those about which we have something interesting or thoughtful or dirty to say and generally providing you with a handful of names to either seek or ignore. So, bands, DJs, emcees, saxophonists, singers, songwriters, visionaries, losers: Lob the music -- tape, CD, vinyl or wire recording -- into the bunker, and we'll attempt to squeeze an assessment... More >>>