The apple tree in Jack Bacus' backyard is just right for a divining rod. There is a fresh young limb with lots of spring in it, and Jack takes his little pruner and snips it right off. He uses the edge of his pruner to strip away the minor branches, and before long he has a nice, clean forked branch, the "Y rod." He is ready to look for water. Jack walks slowly around his 1-acre property in Wood River, Ill., elbows at his sides, holding the stick spread out before him, parallel to the earth. Then it happens. The stick dips down abruptly, vigorously, turning in his hands as if something were tugging on it. "This is it," utters Bacus, who, with his wavy white hair and silver beard, looks like a Greek fisherman but is in fact retired from Illinois Power. "There's water down there," he affirms. "I started to feel a slight pull just before I got to it, and once I stood directly over it, the stick... More >>>