How to start a record label, step 1: Begin in a cave, dubbing cassettes, getting a taste for the biz. Step 2: Find the passionate interest that points the way out and might even sustain you or, most improbably, sustain some kind of art. Step 3: There really is no step 3 -- except work.Something as ambitious as building a stable, feasible and diverse label for some of St. Louis' most accomplished but under-recorded musicians could be characterized as quixotic or inevitable. It's neither. For Dan Randant, who literally started Wildstone Audio in a cave-sheltered warehouse just south of St. Louis, building a local roster has meant connecting the dots in a diverse-roots music scene and finding underlying elements of craft, imagination and staying power -- all of which just might help the label survive where others have failed. In five years, the label has released records by Sandy Weltman (with CarolBeth True and the Sandroids), the Flying Mules, the Orbits, Beth Tuttle and Autumn's Child. Fronting the initial capital, accounting, distribution, mail order, Web design, phone calls and publicity, as well as the nitty-gritty of CD production -- Randant handles all of it. He knows he'll never have a hit record; he also knows these records... More >>>