Let's face it: Among the things you think of when the bands Barenaked Ladies and Guster come to mind, arena rock is pretty low on the list. And yet that's where the group of Canadian wiseguys and the engaging acoustic trio have been booked -- the Savvis Center. It's only natural, one would suppose, given both bands' remarkable success in the past couple of years. BNL, of course, were an established favorite in the Great White North, but they never made much of an impression in the States until they scored with singles such as ³Brian Wilson² and their true breakthrough hit, ³One Week.² That song's long run of ubiquity on the airwaves broke the group wide open in America, but its appeal as a novelty song -- name-checking LeAnn Rimes and mentioning Sting's Tantric sex prowess along the way -- left the group open to the problem of how to follow it up.Happily, BNL strayed pretty far from the template of ³One Week² on... More >>>