If your friend does something stupid, do you speak up? Depends on what "stupid" is. For instance, dermatologist Serge has just "blown" 200,000 francs on a painting. When he tells his two oldest buddies, their reaction detonates various explosions in a longtime friendship. The aggressive Marc (an engineer who has read Paul Valéry) thinks Serge has lost his mind and decides he "can't love the Serge that would buy the painting." He enlists the help of feckless Yvan, chronically unemployable, currently toiling in the stationery shop owned by his fiancée's family. But Yvan doesn't quite agree. (Perhaps it's his job -- shuffling all that white bond may have worn down his resistance.) As for the painting that starts all the trouble -- well, we're told there's more there than meets the eye, and what meets the eye isn't much. The work is white paint, thickly applied on a 4-by-5-foot canvas. Beaming Serge gets every possible reaction from the trio when he hauls it out, from puzzled bemusement to... More >>>