Jessie Vonk answers the door to the studio looking like a red flame. She is at least three distinct shades of red. Her hair radiates a glorious orange, her form-fitting work dress -- revealing what is still a dancer's body -- is a soft burgundy, and her face blushes like that of a child who has exerted herself in the summer sun. Vonk is exasperated, near the end of her rope. Although she is a sculptor -- she has worked in bronze and made the bust of the late Leon Strauss that sits across the street from the Fox Theatre -- these materials she's working with aren't doing what she needs them to do. She has spent hours fixing a metal girdle to the anatomic base figure with screws and cutting Styrofoam in the shapes of musical instruments for this piece, to be called "Symphony Musician Going to Work." But the Sheetrock she's been using to add body to the... More >>>