The Pixies is one of those bands rock & roll seems incapable of replicating. Formed in the post-punk, post-new wave, pre-grunge '80s, the group sounded as out of place then as it does now. The Pixies didn't have a political stance, or a fashion stance, or a series of cleverly animated videos. They didn't even have the big synth sound necessary to make it on the college underground, just the guitars, bass and drums of the '70s. The Pixies were like the Talking Heads with more Lou Reed, or the Modern Lovers with less Lou Reed, or Lou Reed with more Redd Kross -- or something like that. They were good. On this B-side compilation of tiny treasures, they still sound out of place. Where are the big, fat bass samples? Where are the downtuned guitars? Where are the anguish and anger and guilt? You can't just listen to well-written songs and catchy melodies and bright shining... More >>>