With no shortage of talent but an abundance of hard luck, Billy Joe Shaver has forged a career as one of country music's greatest songwriters by scribbling and weeping whiskey-soaked honky-tonk masterpieces for decades. Appreciated more by his fellow songwriters than by the record-buying public, Shaver has seen his music covered by Bob Dylan, Elvis Presley, Johnny Cash, his good pal Willie Nelson, the Allman Brothers, Waylon Jennings, Kris Kristofferson, Jerry Lee Lewis and Patty Loveless, among others. But the best versions of practically all of his songs are the ones he's recorded himself. With a voice as stately as an old oak tree, Shaver can turn a phrase around a chord like a jazz singer, and his ebullient, Texas-born twang belongs in a state museum. However, for various reasons, Shaver's career has had as many downs as it's had ups. And recently his life has been... More >>>