Cover bands are usually written off as nostalgia-mongering hacks. Although critics and "all-originals" bands scoff at them, they earn steady money by filling dance floors at company Christmas parties and clubs that cater to the TGIF crowd. We assume these bands are cynical, trudging through serviceable reproductions of hits they never really liked for the sake of a paycheck. Of course, this attitude is unfair to many cover bands -- bands such as the Detroit Cobras, who play hook-filled R&B obscurities because they know they'll never write songs as good themselves. And why should they insist on trying? Why not introduce a new audience to these shoulda-been-classics instead? Hardcore soul collectors may know "I'm Laughing at You" by the Gardenias and "Right Around the Corner" by the "5" Royales, but the rest of us don't. (Unfortunately, the error-filled liner notes found here won't help us find the originals anytime soon.) In any case, the Cobras aren't just a band with a good... More >>>