Way back in the early '90s, during America's last War on Evil (also spearheaded by a Bush, for you trivia buffs), graphic artist Art Chantry opined that "the left wing needs to find a way to reclaim the American flag." This is not the sort of statement one throws around lightly during times of national distress, as anyone who's recently questioned the methods and motives of the American Military Corp. can tell you, if they have not already been detained, strip-searched, forced to provide a list of known accomplices and warned about that sort of un-American behavior. Secret military tribunals notwithstanding, Chantry's point is both astute and sad: astute because if you wave the flag, you're immediately lumped in with the right-wing conservatives and their brand of gung-ho Americana (outdated 50 years ago), sad because the result of the former is that if you don't fall in line with the right wing's idea of America, you are un-American. This tautology was fine-tuned by U.S. Sen. Joseph McCarthy, and it's depressing that although the man was discredited, his theories are still given credence. Even more depressing is the truth: For a large portion of this country, if you want your freedom, you'll pay... More >>>