Once again, time turns back on itself and yields an artifact of great cultural and artistic importance, and once again the agent of chance is John Cale. The intrepid musician and explorer returns from the New York of the 1960s with a three-CD set of music that provides dazzling insight into what was really going on behind the façade of the Velvet Underground (read: "Lou Reed"). The tapes of Cale performing with fellow Velvets Sterling Morrison and Angus MacLise, as well as Dream Syndicate compatriot Tony Conrad, are remarkable not just for the music they rescue from obscurity but for the clarification and focus they offer for the music that was to come. Audible in these long-lost experiments and tangents are the avant-forces at work in the Velvet's first two albums, as well as the seeds of NON, the raw materials used to build Glenn Branca's guitar symphonies, the DNA of Sonic Youth, the basis for Suicide, the underpinnings of the Mission of Burma, the vistas of Spacemen 3 and the musical building blocks of... More >>>