And then, when all hope left the East Side, when it seemed St. Louis would be forevermore a haven to garage/alt-country/rockabilly/bling-bling, time itself fractured and hope wheezed again. The fabled beast, the Mighty Oops! Tour, reared its pointy head above the horizon and let out the two-octaves-above-bagpipes shrill static burst that cleaves the sky asunder and cleaves together the no-wavers, the now-wavers, the brutal prog-rockers and the kid with the four-bit Nintendo cart lodged in his brain. Last seen in these parts in 1997 at the lamentably late Side Door, the Oops! Tour returns from the past to deliver the future -- or at least one possible future. It is a future so bright, it compels you to gouge out your eyes and shove them in your ears so you can taste the music.... More >>>