Lyle Lovett is the most photogenic man in country music. Inducing swoons and sighs with each photo shoot, he looks like a hybrid of Samuel Beckett and Hank Williams; his hats and boots feature as prominently in his cover art as his wild hair and crooked smile. What is it about that face, that hair and, sure, that voice that grabs the attention of men and women alike? Live, Lovett is still more appealing, combining self-deprecating banter and winsome manners with his celebrated songwriting. "The Truck Song," listeners' introduction to his more-or-less new album, might explain something of his comfort in his own skin: "I went to high school/ I was not popular/Now I am older/And it don't matter." Though Lovett's popularity hasn't been in question since his eponymous 1986 debut, his ability to shrug it off actually appears sincere without edging into earnestness -- a balancing act that may be the... More >>>