It is a decade ago, and Neil Burger has trekked from New York to the small Texas town of Fredericksburg, where Admiral Chester Nimitz was born, where heroes gather at the National Museum of the Pacific War to reminisce and mourn, where tourists collect to pay their dues to the dead. Burger, a young man fresh out of Yale, is there to gather the stories of World War II fighter pilots, and he's starting to wonder if he's in over his head; he's a filmmaker, not a stenographer with a camera. He reminds himself to just get the job done and get out of town without botching it. He's thinking this one night as he's sitting at a bar, when an old man sitting on a nearby stool asks the kid what he's doing there. He tells him he's a reporter--not the truth, but close enough to smell its breath. The man tells Burger, "Well, I have the... More >>>