We shudder at the mere mention of the words "holiday shopping," but here we are sitting on the precipice of the most consumerist season, and we're no more equipped to stop time's onward progression now than we are able to coax an upside-down Ted Drewes concrete out of its cup — it's simply impossible. Instead of moping about the situation, and making ourselves sick with frozen custard, we've decided to embrace the shopping season, and embrace it early, with a little something we're calling a buying bonanza. Oh, but we're not buying for those on our list, mind you, not yet anyway — we're planning to do a bit of shopping for ourselves. VIPs first, right? To join us in celebrating the Season of Me before the Season of Giving — or the Season of Giving Early and Often if you're one of those I-get-everything-done-before-everyone-else-like-Martha-Stewart types (we won't judge) — head to the SqWires Annex (1415 South... More >>>