The supergroup is one of rock & roll's best innovations. Taking established talent and combining it with another acknowledged talent is a no-brainer. It should be money in the bank, the kind of sure thing that keeps careers rolling and transforms the sycophantic blurbs of press kits from puff pieces into astute reporting. When the supergroup works, it is a force of nature. Fugazi, everyone's favorite idealists, are a supergroup (part Minor Threat and part Rites of Spring), and an ass-kicking one at that. Can anyone deny the power of Rapeman, which was one part Big Black (the Steve Albini part) and two parts Scratch Acid (the David Wm. Sims and Rey Washam parts)? Is there a band alive that can compete with the herculean strength of Fantômas (Melvins/Mr. Bungle/Slayer members) coming together as one to wreak havoc? These are supergroups a mother could be proud of. They combine the various strengths of the members to create vital, new music, and they avoid rehashing the past success of their old bands. And in the case of Fantômas, they occasionally play their other bands' stuff live, which... More >>>