When you go to the Goody Pancake House -- and if you live, work or play anywhere remotely near downtown, or if you just plain know what's good for you, you will -- you will meet Audrey. Audrey will be your hostess, as she will tell you more than once, and once you order your food straight from the cook and carry it to your table yourself, she will bring you plastic utensils and a big bottle of no-name ketchup and a big Styrofoam cup of ice for your can of soda. She's more of a waitress than a hostess, technically speaking, except she doesn't expect tips and she's so damn hospitable that "waitress" somehow seems like an insult. She will check in on you with alarming frequency, and she will tell you over and over how glad she is to take care of you, and she may even ask you whether you live nearby or whether... More >>>