This is a story with a happy ending, because, so far, nothing bad has happened to indicate otherwise. There are no ratings to sweat over, no network executives to fight with, no cancellations to suffer through. The rough territories lie ahead, over the horizon of 8:30 p.m. this Sunday, when a new show debuts on Fox that features no blockhead construction workers posing as wealthy heirs, no would-be stars singing out of key, no desperate singles willing to be married by mouth-breathers with access to a touch-tone phone. In a few days, when the ratings begin rolling in and the accountants begin crunching numbers (and nuts), only then will anyone really know how this story ends. We will just have to wait and see if America is ready for a comedy set on the playgrounds and in the bomb shelters and school hallways of the 1960s, where a football-shaped 11-year-old named Oliver Beene is coming of age surrounded by humiliating parents, a horny older brother and a gay best friend. Till... More >>>