With skateboarding thoroughly entrenched in the mainstream these days, chances are you've either purchased your first skateboard recently or made a trip to Mom's house to exhume your old Mike McGill from the garage. And you've probably discovered it's even more illegal now to skate in both public and private places than it was fifteen years ago. Some cities and towns have realized that if they're going to outlaw a relatively harmless activity (as harmless as any other mainstream sport), they'd better provide a place to pursue that activity legally. Although St. Louis has not owned up to this responsibility, St. Charles (of all places) has. Is this an early sign of the liberalization of St. Charles County? Regardless of political implications, the St. Charles Skatepark, located in Fountain Lakes Park (3750 Huster Road) provides a safe haven where you can blast airs in the bowl, grind the rails, get in the way of other skaters or hang out and smoke cigarettes with thirteen-year-olds from the neighboring trailer park. Skateboarders of all abilities are welcome, but for safety's sake, parents should strongly consider taking beginners in the morning, when it's less crowded. Although many local skaters consider this the best skatepark in the St. Louis area, they note that the park isn't big enough and that they should've been allowed more input during both the design and construction processes. Nevertheless, they're glad it's there. The skatepark opens at 10 a.m. and closes at dusk; best of all, it's free... More >>>