Something magical was in the air back then. Maybe not everyone knew it, but there would be change a-comin'. The year: 1976. Neo-hippies dominated fashion, forcing contrarians in LA and San Francisco to peg their jeans, rip their shirts and spike their hair as a big middle finger to all that peace-and-love bullshit. Sweltering under the California sun, these kids were angry, grasping for something new and fresh -- anything that didn't stink of suntan lotion, patchouli and surf wax. They were broke but didn't want cash. They wanted a revolution they could call their own. So, at dive bars and VFW Halls, they convened en masse to enjoy the soundtrack to their frustration, as penned by seminal punks Black Flag, the Screamers, the Germs, the Blasters, the Weirdos... More >>>