Skinhead (in the original sense of the word: non-racist, working-class) musical tastes have run an uncertain course since the first bootboy moonstomped to the ska rhythms imported into the U.K. from Jamaica. The pounding glam-rock of Slade, the crude but catchy punk of the Oi! bands, even vintage '60s soul -- all have been claimed by skinheads over the years. Perhaps the low point in skin sounds came with the awful metal-core of bands like Warzone and Agnostic Front. Hardcore skins abandoned any trace of their mod roots; indeed, their greasy tresses and slovenly biker-wear would have put them on the side of the enemy back in 1969 (the hallowed skinhead Year Zero). Intermittent ska and Oi! revivals have only brought diminishing returns. What's a... More >>>