In the beginning, there was rhythm. Hairy hominids banging bones. Then, pokey Neanderthals discovered the handclap -- they grunted with glee -- then konked on a coconut, thumped on a stump. "Mmm. Good...beat." Early rappers rhymed about meat, arrows and -- some things never change -- gettin' paid and gettin' laid. Faster neural action resulted in the forging of metals; clangs, clinks and pings followed, adding more texture -- the shiver of a high hat, a cymbal crash, the ring of a bell. Then, ladies and gentlemen, the drum kit and crazy arms flailing, followed by the synthetic beat, which mortally wounded the drummer; hot on its heels, the sampler, which stabbed the drummer in the back by swiping his handiwork and transforming it into another... More >>>