St. Louis was a different place 125 years ago. The zoo didn't exist, Anheuser-Busch was a small brewery owned and operated by a local family (can you imagine?) and dinosaurs roamed most of what is now St. Louis County on bicycles made of wood — it was a wild place sorely in need of civilization. Thinking along those lines, a group of artists gathered at the home of Joseph R. Meeker with the intent of founding an organization to promote and support local artists. Showing their progressive nature, this new group determined that women would be admitted — and as anyone who's married can tell you, it always falls on the women to spark and nurture civilization. Without 'em it's just beer bottles on the floor and wearing the same clothes for days on end. This forward-thinking conglomeration of men and women not only discussed and made and exhibited art, they laid the foundation for an institution that still exists — thrives, might be a better word... More >>>