It was only a few days ago that Shane Carruth, software engineer-turned-filmmaker, was ready to walk away from the money on the table and keep his movie--78 minutes' worth of cheapo celluloid that had, in a Utah instant, become as valuable as strands of gold. He had stopped answering his cell phone, stopped checking e-mails. He had stopped listening to the offers, stopped crunching the numbers, stopped trusting the promises. He'd had it up to here with the chitchat and the backslaps. Maybe he'd just keep his first movie and good off and make his second. To hell with Sundance. To hell with movie distributors. To hell with awards. Enough already. His weird little movie, about inventors and time travel and greed and God knows what else, cost only $7,000 and was going to sell for more than that, but maybe, just maybe, it... More >>>