Remember that time your girlfriend found out about your secret fetish for doing unmentionable things to Barbie doll heads, and she ran off and got all raunchy with that Niagara Falls tour-boat captain, and the private eye you hired tracked her down? And then everything went horribly, horribly wrong when all of you -- the private eye, your girlfriend, the captain and your favorite Barbie head -- sort of crashed into each other in that motel room, your egos and ids smashing together in some vaguely Greek tragicomic explosion of private thoughts and secret feelings? And there was a clown, too, remember that? And do you remember how you thought, "I'm simultaneously glad no one else knows about this and sad that there isn't some way to convey the sheer insanity of what just happened so that others could learn the danger of keeping their innermost selves secret from those they profess to... More >>>