Art, aside from serving as a means of catharsis for its creator, has benefits for the observer as well. Not only can it present vastly different means of viewing the world, it can bring people together to discuss values both aesthetic and social. Such is the intention of St. Louis Community College-Forest Park's sixth annual City ArtFest. Spokesperson Evann Richards elaborates: "Being the only metropolitan campus of the community college, we like to take some time during the year to interact with the community. The art department is a very active part of the campus and, working in conjunction with the mass communications department and the music department, we pick a week every spring where we bring in outside artists coordinated with a play and an exhibit. We have speakers come in, we have performances, we have recitals, and we try and cram as much art stuff into a week as we can, make it special for the students. Make them more aware of the community artists and the community more aware... More >>>