"Whadyawant, motherfuck?" They're the first words Charles Bukowski speaks in John Dullaghan's documentary about the poet and novelist, famous for his writing and infamous for his drinking and brawling and screwing. The audience member, either the acolyte or just the curious stranger, might respond, "To hear your story, Hank, that's what I want"; it would have put a smile on his acne-scarred face, which was a sort of road map to a life spent bumping into dead ends. God knows Henry Charles Bukowski, dead a decade now, loved telling stories to anyone who would listen, especially those who adored him and came bearing cameras and microphones with which to capture his rambling tales fueled by cheap wine, hand-rolled cigarettes, years of parental abuse, fame and (tiny) fortune that came late in life and the damaged goods with whom he shared his bed and, occasionally, his fists.... More >>>