What's not to like about brunch? Any meal designed solely for weekends is a meal that knows how to have a good time. Brunch means lots of conversation, lots of company, lots and lots of eating stretched out over the hours -- enough hours that, ideally, brunch starts sometime in the late morning and doesn't wind down until midafternoon. Laying claim to both your a.m. and your p.m., brunch dictates the rhythm of the rest of your day; brunch knows how important brunch is. You can't help but sleep in before going to brunch; brunch practically demands late rising. Awaken at a normal hour and you'll find yourself famished long before mealtime. (And if you're one of those people who always gets up in the wee hours, who sets an alarm even on days that begin with "S" and who therefore often arrives at brunch with a jokey mention of how you've already had breakfast -- let's just say that's a defining character flaw and... More >>>