The act of running undergoes a strange transformation during one’s lifetime. When you’re a kid you love to run, racing about for the sheer delight of moving as fast as you can; then hundreds of gym classes, wind sprints and advancing age make you dread the thought of it. There are adults who still do it, of course. No matter who bad the weather is, you’ll see them pounding along the sidewalk. But even hard-core runners can lose the joy. Marathoner Bob Foote had reached that precipice in 1982, and he decided to reinvigorate himself by running right down it. He developed the Hood to Coast Race, which spans 200 miles from Mount Hood’s Timberline Lodge (6,000 feet above sea level) to the Oregon coast (sea level). Teams of twelve runners split into two groups and each run three legs of the course, and along the way rediscover the thrill of running we all once experienced. The... More >>>