The sight of six makeup-clad Norwegian satanists on the Ozzfest main stage this summer was a great sign for metal, if not the makers of Max Factor. During recent outings, metals biggest event of the year has been plagued by rote rap-rockers like Crazy Town, Papa Roach and Linkin Park, but in 2004, the underground began to reassert itself with non-commercial acts like Superjoint Ritual, Unearth and Everytime I Die drawing big crowds. It all reflected a welcome trend toward less mainstream sounds in metal. New-school American thrash bands like Shadows Fall and Lamb of God soared past the 100,000 mark in sales, while fast-rising emo-metal hopefuls Killswitch Engage are already halfway to gold with their latest. Read on as we recount the bands that shoveled the lime into nü-metals... More >>>