The story is simple enough: Sometime during the dying days of the Tang Dynasty in China, though it could really be any time and any place, two cops named Leo (Andy Lau) and Jin (Takeshi Kaneshiro) sit in a station house drinking tea. They decide one of them will go undercover in a whorehouse to ferret out the new girl, who is, in reality, a member of a gang of assassins out to take down the government. The girl, named Mei (played by Zhang Ziyi), is jailed and sprung by the cop (Kaneshiro) posing as an independent contractor, a hired gun; he will return the girl, who is blind, to her gang on the condition she introduces him to the gang's higher-ups, who will perhaps pay him a handsome reward for her safe return. During their journey, the woman (who is in the dark in more ways than one) and the man (who is blinded by the woman's beauty) will fend off friends posing as enemies and enemies posing as friends, and they will fall madly in love. But in time the man will discover the woman isn't at all who he believed she was, the woman will discover the man isn't quite who she thought he was, and both will find out that others along their path aren't who they claim to be either. Hearts will be broken, blood will be spilled, and lives will be ended, just before the movie itself ends in a storm... More >>>