With Marianne Faithfull, it's always been about the voice -- hoarse and knowing, the wet cough of experience. It made her a pop star in the '60s, a punk-disco diva in the '70s, a rock-jazzbo curio in the '80s and a comeback kid forever-after as she piled on the collaborators (Hal Willner, Billy Corgan, Blur and Beck) to ease her pain. For a while she went Weill in the streets -- and even turned to Goffin-King when she felt really swell -- but she always came back around to rock; there's more catharsis in feedback than a string section, alas. But not till this album (among the best imports of 2004 finally getting proper stateside release) has Faithfull found proper partners with whom she can roll around in the muck: PJ Harvey, Nick Cave and Jon Brion, her holy trinity of rock & roll saviors. Some old... More >>>