Everything got lost when a rush of excited applause rose up and the guy next to me yelled HOLY SHIT and jumped to attention: The two boxers -- a couple of wiry guys who looked young enough to be in high school -- plowed into each other from the first gong, enacting the human equivalent of a train wreck, each evidently hell-bent on the swift obliteration of the other. And they didn't let up. No breather for either of them -- or for anybody else, for that matter. Just a mad succession of booms and belts, knocking the cognizance out of everyone, a brutal tornado that sucked the air out of the room. This can't last, I thought. One of the two had to shrivel away, get spooked, pulped, hamburger meat. But neither did. More HOLY SHIT from the guy next to me, only louder this time,... More >>>