The mockumentary is a tricky thing and not to be attempted by amateurs, many of whom treat the form like a joke without need of a punch line; damn the filmmaker who thinks it clever and ironic enough to "interview" "real people" "talking" about other "real people" who, of course, don't exist except inside the cluttered, shuttered mind of a moviemaker who couldn't figure out how to fit his fiction inside the framework of a real narrative, which would take actual work. Worse, the mock doc, when done wrong, always comes out the same, loathing the nobody next door whose idiosyncrasies are exaggerated into freak-show proportions. They're not "mock" because they're phony docs; they're mock because that's precisely what they do -- poke fun at characters the filmmakers hold in contempt, which is a lousy reason to make a movie in the first place. For every Chris Guest... More >>>