Deborah Weinstein has spent the last six years photographing the congregation of the Bible Fellowship Apostolic Church in East St. Louis. Through her serendipitous meeting with church-goer Delorise, Weinstein encountered a world outside her own. The African-American church experience, with its joyous gospel music, after-service community meals and beautiful outfits, is exceptionally photogenic, and Weinstein captures it all in lush black-and-white portraits. But rather than attend services just long enough to create a nice, full series and then depart, Weinstein returns regularly to BFAC, and not as an observer. Now she's a friend, an extended family member, a part of the larger community. She attends Delorise's mother's birthday party every year and maintains that she would be at Sunday services even without her camera. Fortunately, she does bring her camera, and she has a wealth of beautiful... More >>>