If Vince Vaughn puts any effort into what he's doing, it doesn't show, which is perhaps one of the benefits of always appearing to be hungover. The man probably has to check the bags under his eyes at the airport, and he's about as in shape as a toddler's fistful of Play-Doh. This is no doubt why audiences dig him; he is us, dude, and we am him. Onscreen, he looks like any other buddy who'd loan you a smoke, buy you a beer or give you a call when he needs to get bailed out of jail. He's no more or less than a giant schlub of a man, someone who got tall enough to look like he ought to be selling frozen peas in jolly green bags but stopped maturing around the time he finally realized he wasn't gonna last through his eighth year of college. He's a role model for every guy who ever dreamed of living in his parents'... More >>>